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SEINEN: These manga are aimed at adults and usually contain action and adventure stories with complex subject matter ranging from politics, economics, violence to non-explicit pornography.

MECHA: Giant robots. Mecha derives from the English word "mechanical". It encompasses all types of technological devices, such as robots and exoskeletons. Fights between robots controlled by humans with certain gifts in large cities or space. The plots are always to save something like the world or a certain region. Many of them tend to lose fluidity and others are a success.

Among the most popular are Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto. Like Shojo, Shonen also has sub categories which are: Kodomo-Shonen (for kids), Shonen-Ai (about romantic relationships between men) and Yaoi (about explicit homosexuality).

It deals with homosexual relationships between men. Yaoi and Shonen-Ai are manga that tell stories of love between men, the former differs from the latter in the content, whether explicit or not. Yaoi generally shows sex scenes between men,

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Shipping to the Peninsula (including Portugal) by PRIVATE MESSENGER. They deliver it to your home or contact you by phone to arrange pick up. The indicated price is for packages up to 2 kg.

Shipment to the Canary Islands or Balearic Islands by POSTAL PACKAGE of Correos. The package must be picked up at the nearest post office to your home within 15 working days of receiving the notice from the post office.

If you prefer, you can contact us directly ( to establish other forms of payment such as BANK TRANSFER TO IBERCAJA ACCOUNT, BIZUM, etc, or other forms of shipping.

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Super Mario Jenga is a fun and challenging game for fans.Race to the top of the tower to defeat Bowser! But beware, if the tower falls on your turn, you will lose coins and end the game. The player with the most coins when the tower falls wins! Age +8. ...

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Who has kidnapped Santa Clavos and put him in a cage? Where could he be? Behind some rocks? Did someone send him a present or set a bear trap? Is it up to you to solve the clues and find out where he has been hidden? In this exclusive Nightmare Before Christmas Cluedo, you will have to solve the mystery of who has kidnapped Santa Clavos. Where is he hidden?

Become one of the invincible shinobi in this incredible edition of MONOPOLY inspired by the anime of Naruto. Recruit the best ninjas to prove to the hokage that you are at the height of leadership. Collect training cards and missions, develop your skills and meet famous heroes from your favorite villages and teams. MONOPOLY Naruto contains tokens and pieces....

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The novel on which the hit series Nine Perfect Strangers, starring Nicole Kidman, is based. A smart, funny, addictive and suspenseful story by the author of Big Little Lies. Nine perfect strangers.A luxury retreat isolated from the world.Ten days that promise to change your life.But some promises, like some lives, are perfect lies....

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A story of political conspiracies and conflicting interests during the Cold War. A lie that passed for truth and changed the future of Latin America. "Was history that fantastic distortion of reality?" Guatemala, 1954. The military coup perpetrated by Carlos Castillo Armas and sponsored by the United States through the CIA overthrows the government of Jacobo ...

The bedside book of a new generation. Under the cover of terrorism, theocratic politicians seize power and, as a first step, suppress freedom of the press and women's rights. This disturbing and dark plot, which could well be found in any current work, actually belongs to this novel written by Margaret Atwood at ...

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